10 commands are available.

game_id: Game ID. See more: Guide: Supported games
address: IP Address or Domain Name
query_port: Query Port
timezone: TZ database name. See more: Guide: Time Zone List

# Command Description
1 /queryserver game_id Query server
2 /addserver game_id Add server in current channel
3 /delserver addressquery_port Delete server in current channel
4 /refresh Refresh servers' messages manually in current channel
5 /changestyle addressquery_port Change server message style
6 /editstyledata addressquery_port Edit server message style data
7 /settimezone addressquery_porttimezone Set server message time zone
8 /moveup addressquery_port Move the server message upward
9 /movedown addressquery_port Move the server message downward
10 /factoryreset Delete all servers in current guild

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