Environment Variables

Here are the list of the environment variables.

# Variable Default Value Description
1 APP_TOKEN Required Discord Bot Token. Learn more: Guide: How to Get a Discord Bot Token
2 WHITELIST_GUILDS Required Discord Guild ID, if more than one, separated by the semi colon ;
3 APP_DEBUG false Application debug mode.
4 APP_ACTIVITY_TYPE 3 Presence activity type override. playing = 0, listening = 2, watching = 3, competing = 5
5 APP_ACTIVITY_NAME Presence activity name override.
6 APP_PRESENCE_ADVERTISE false Enable advertisement feature on presence
7 TASK_QUERY_SERVER 60 Query servers task scheduled time in seconds.
8 DB_CONNECTION sqlite Database type.
9 DATABASE_URL Database connection url.
10 COMMAND_QUERY_PUBLIC false Whether the /queryserver command should be available to all users.
11 COMMAND_QUERY_COOLDOWN 5 The /queryserver command cooldown in seconds. (Administrator will not be affected)
12 HEROKU_APP_NAME Heroku only Heroku application name.
13 WEB_API_ENABLE false Web server only Enable Web API feature.

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